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The Stacked Washer Dryer Market and Choices for 2012 A washer and dryer purchase is major, and you'll need to be sure of what's best for your home. Sometimes you just don't have enough space, and that's where the stacked washer and dryer set makes the most sense. It's pretty easy to read all about the best models on the market when you can go on the web. Here are some short reviews of several stacked washer dryer models in 2012.

Avoid Mistakes When Deciding on Stacked Washer Dryers for 2012

If you're searching for a stacked washer dryer, you'll find that many brands now carry this type of machine. Stacking your washer and dryer together is a way to give yourself more room, as conventional units are quite bulky. The offerings for stacked washer dryers in 2012 is amazing with many excellent features and value.

The LG 2.7 CF Combo Washer Dryer is a good choice for someone who wants to be able to do their laundry with a single machine. This unit has nine wash cycles and six dry cycles, so you will be able to set everything up according to your preferences. Flexibility is the name of the game with venting, and it is convenient since you won't be venting externally. One of the less positive aspects of this machine is apparently the drying time is fairly long. If you do some research, you'll discover that this is peculiar to the venting design of this model.

One of the old favorites that still makes excellent machines is the Maytag Stacked Washer and Dryer. Choose from one among four available settings depending on how many clothes you need to wash. Maytag has a very nice system in place for extra rinsing if needed. Many full size dryers that are not stacked have moisture sensing technology and so does this dryer which is a nice touch. You really can trust a brand like Maytag because they have a brand name to protect.

If you have to take noise into consideration, then that is important so you aren't stressed by some machines that are noisy. If you have a house with good insulation, and you have a separate laundry room or basement, noise may not be a major concern for you. Many stacked washer dryers are designed to be quiet, but this is something you should look into. You can find information about this from the manufacturer, and customer reviews will often mention the issue of noise. Once again, if you have to conserve on space, then the stacked washer dryers are the way to go. If you don't need this type of arrangement, then think about it anyway so you'll have more room. If you appreciate colors and designs, then that's fine and you won't be disappointed. You can find the best stacked washer dryers of 2012 online or in your local department or appliance store.
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